Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy September- no wait...

I just had the strangest thought (and I must admit that it illustrates my current mental condition perfectly!)...

I haven't posted ANYTHING for September yet.

Why? You ask, is that strange? Well... it's August 12th 2009. September hasn't happened yet but my head is already there! I was in and already past the long weekend and loving every moment of it. Geesh!

So yes, it's Wednesday, August 12th 2009 and I haven't posted anything since Friday, August 7th 2009.

It was a busy weekend, didn't get a chance to put on my bikini because it just wasn't warm enough. Our summer has been mild this year with just a few weeks of above +25°c weather. I went to a football game Saturday night which was a total blast (it always helps if you have amazing company, killer seats and the home team wins!) wandered about Sunday- I think I watched a movie called Fanboys but the best thing about it was seeing a cameo from Kevin Smith. Maybe I need to know more about Star Wars to fully appreciate it. Regardless, I think my IQ went down a few points (which I don't mind. I'm sure that you are aware that I am ridiculously smart and could use a little "dumbing down". A perfect example of this would be seeing that I spelt "ridiculously" as "ridiculassy" before the spell check. Genius material over here! Gotta keep that spell check in check and on it's toes, it gets lazy if you don't).

Monday night I walked around with a runny nose because there is something in the air that I am super allergic too. If I didn't know better I'd say that clouds were made out of cats because I am really allergic to cats and the way I've been sneezing that makes the most sense to me. I tried to get some important shopping done but sadly got distracted by the dollar store (the dollar store is like those celebrity gossip magazines at the front of the store- I don't want to go there but I can't help myself. It's such a wonderful cheap guilty pleasure.) which had some Halloween costumes in stock- ie: WIGS. Laura and I played as we usually do but then something got broken *gasp!* I was SO ashamed. I carried the shattered angle to the front counter and sheepishly informed the employees that I had broken it and would be willing to pay the $2 it was worth. The guy just grunted at me and said "No worries, no one would have purchased it anyway." and that was it. I felt horrible for the rest of the night. Oh and I don't really have bad blond hair- just in case you were wondering. OH and I don't usually look stung out- that is a result of my random allergies.
Last night after eating 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, a bowl of organic veggie soup and over a half dozen fresh chocolate chip cookies, I stayed up late with my eye glued to the sky. The Perseid meteor shower is making it's way though Calgary between August 11th and August 14th- I've seen them before but never like this. I live downtown in a city of over a million people. There is a lot of light pollution so it can be hard to make out more then 50 stars in the night sky when I look out over my patio. I could see some small flares in the sky but nothing until about 11pm when I saw a bright, fiery, slightly-bigger-then-a-star speed across the sky for just under a second. It was lovely! I saw a few more and got really excited for a moment went I saw a HUGE ball of light- but that just turned out to be an airplane. There should be more of a show tonight. Ideally I should go to a place outside of the city limits and watch to get the full perspective. I've been lucky to have witnessed a meteor shower while I was away on a small island off the west coast of Canada. There were maybe 3 street lamps on the whole island (plus one taxi cab) and so at night I would sit by the ocean and watch as hundreds of tiny stars speed through the sky seconds at a time.

Tonight I have advance screening passes for The Goods so I'm sure once the movie is done (Hopefully this one won't add to my lowering IQ but I have a sneaky suspicion that it might.) I might be able to deek out of the city for a bit and see what I can spy in the sky.

Anyone get into any interesting trouble these last few days? Spot any meteors or shatter any angles of your own?


Rolley said...

HAHAHAHA man that made me laugh, I can't believe you broke something in that shop!!! HAHAHA nah I can believe it, my kids have done it too, and if I didn't have kids it'd be me taking their place, man, I wanna go try on silly ridiculous wigs now and take pictures of myself!! One such picture actually surfaced on facepov recently, me in my school uniform with a wig on, all these people are going "where did you get the wig from" and so far I've just ignored all the comments haha.

Hrmmmm I thought I heard something about a meteor shower on the news, I must research and find out if its viewable for me on this hemisphere. Thanks for reminding me : ) I like that sort of stuff, its been a long time since I've seen a shower (a meteor shower, lets clarify that). haha.

Oh! I wanted to say that's pretty cool how your summer is sort of like my winter, its been around 25c most days, but for the last couple of weeks its been slowly creeping back up to 30c... i think we're at 28c at the moment, but it won't be long and this nice weather will vanish, to make way for the summer onslaught. Woe is me, why can't it stay at around 20c all year!! hehe : )

: ) have a great day!

dkny said...

great post, no one would deny!! i've seen meteor shower while i was camping with my fellas once about three years back... that was my first... we were lying down talking (and ya, there were little or no light pollution in that secluded beach) back then, all of us suddenly saw the meteors!! we all doubt our eyes at first but four pairs of eyes couldn't be wrong right?? but that was our first and last time... cool... :)

btw, umm, if your IQ drops a lil further, i guess you'll really be that blonde... or if you put on that blonde wig a lil longer... you get the idea... ;p (no harm done to blondes, it's just a common stereotype i used)

anyway, take care and keep it up!! cheers...

signed from a place where below 25 deg C is uncommon...