Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lunch, How do I love thee?

I love lunch- I know... such a bold statement for a commitment phobic like me (OK- that's not true and like I've admitted in the past it doesn't take much for me to love...). Lunch around here is great- not only do I get excited to eat (one of my favorite things to do... I love food! num-num-num...) but I also get to hangout in the lunch room!

My office is two floors big in a tall sky scraper in the downtown area of Calgary, with in these 2 floors there are 4 kitchens and 2 of those 4 kitchens have tables in them in which we can eat at. No one really eats in the kitchen upstairs (the 26th floor), not sure why... everyone hangs out in the kitchen on the main floor (the 25th floor).

The Lunchroom crowd is a nice eclectic group of people from different departments. We tend to sit around, munching on our lunches, reading sale flyer's and sharing laughs. Topics of conversation tend to have a fairly light air to them and very rarely does anyone ever get into a heated political argument (except of course there was that one time that someone brought up genocide WHICH is indeed an important topic to be aware of but it's a bit heavy for the lunch room. I'll admit that this person has never been back- I think they knew that they had gone too far. It was awkward all around.).

Often the worlds problems are solves on a very simple format that usually involves slides and bungee cords. We discuss the fact that we have to pay to park at the transit stations, how at some stores they make you pack your own grocery's and pay for your own bags. Today was especially exciting because on Thursday the Canadian Tire Sales Flyer comes out (a lunch room favorite) so there was first a mad hunt for it and then it got passed around the table (or in my case I learnt that I shouldn't pass byy THROWING the flyer overhand because it truly can poke someones eye out- sorry Keith.) and then a strong discussion about batteries.

It's wonderful, such a great break in the day often filled with laughs that make our cheeks hurt and our eyes tear. I especially love to see what everyone else is eating. Some people bring sandwiches every day, some bring leftovers from dinner the night before and then Jimmy other people bring food that has "Mystery Meat" in it which often makes popping-exploding noises in the microwave. When this happens we usually know who's lunch that is and get onto one of my least favorite topic- disgusting things we have eaten in our lives. Top of the list of course is when someone visited Thailand and admitted to trying Grilled Taranchula on a stick *shudders*. I keep thinking about chewing on those furry legs... EW!

So yes, that is one of the highlights of the work day- lunch. Not just for the food but for the people. That reminds me... I haven't had my daily cookie yet today. That might have to come later... Mmmmm cookies.

(image borrowed from Balakov - Thanks!)


Kristin said...

I miss "lunch." My constant lunch date is my one year old. I shouldn't complain. We do hold some pretty interesting convos.

Rolley said...

aha the famous grilled or deep fried spiders, I've seen lots of pics, I'd never be able to stomach that either!

Our lunch room is similar, except some days I like to sit outside instead, bask in the sun, let the cool breeze run over me. You know what's funny with the lunch room though, do the people in yours always sit in the same chair? Like they have some unspoken ownership to a specific seat, which they like for some unexplained reason? I've noticed it in every office-place I've worked.

So.. I like to get in early and sit in other people's "seat" and see their reaction.. sometimes its rather hilarious, other times they appear not to notice at all.. hehe. Try it!! : D


brandi milne said...

I love lunch too. I love eating, I eat alone now. But when I worked at a company, it was the big break of the day - I miss laughing til our cheeks hurt too!! Something about being at a job where you're so desperate to laugh, EVERYTHINGS funny. Great blog!!