Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Purple Mug

I found this cup in the cupboard at work today while I was making my toast and tea. When I open the cupboard I am usually greeted with about 20 cloned black company coffee mugs- better known as "the safe mugs". These mugs are mugs that no one has taken claim on, mugs that we are all free to use and leave in our offices because no one is going to miss them if we do. Then there is this "Mug Clique" of 4 or 5 unique mugs in attractive colors like ivory, purple and polka dots. These mugs are a rare breed, like supermodels in an army of average everyday people. Much like a man considering asking out a beautiful woman, I imagine that these beautiful mugs are taken there for already belonging to someone else.

Until today, I stole one. It was 9:15 am and I was in the kitchen watching my toast making sure it doesn't burn (all I need is another Witch Hunt on my hands). I walk over to the usual cupboard and peer inside looking to select a mug for my morning tea. Like usual my eyes first land on the pretty ones; the rare ones and I have a conversation like this inside my head:

"Ooooo pretty! I wonder who's mugs those are anyways? They have been in here for about a year and I've never really seen anyone use them. *pause* Look at how lovely they are- so big with such graceful handles... and purple. That one right there is purple- purple like grape bubble gum or that monster in the Happy Meal Commercials. Hmmm...I like purple.... "

and it was then that I picked up the purple mug, peered inside and then looked over my shoulder. No one else was around... I could sneak the purple mug and no one would know. At least not for today... quickly I grabbed my tea bags ( My morning tea is one Peppermint bag and one Green Tea bag at the same time in the same mug. Wasteful I am sure but so worth it- yummy) and plunge them in as I fill the forbidden mug with hot water. It's mine NOW!

My heart is pounding and the sound of my toast popping startles me. I rush over and clumsily butter my toast and make a mad dash out of the kitchen only to come face to face with one of my co-workers. We say good morning and both catch a glance at each others mug- I can tell that something is going through her mind as I'm sure she can see my mind whirling as well. She has one of the other pretty mugs in her hands, the striking cream colored mug with the fat ridges down the side. It always screams for me to put hot coco in it. Is that hers? are they all hers? Does she know that I covet her mugs and that the one she is holding has spoken to me? She seems like a woman who would bring pretty mugs to work... she didn't say anything- maybe she thinks they are mine? Perhaps we are both writing blogs about the pretty mugs in the kitchen right at this very moment? Regardless- nothing was said about the mugs and with a smile I made my way back to my office with my loot and she to refill her mug.

It's been about 5 hours since then and the mug is sitting in all it's splendor on my desk, unlike the rest of the breakfast dishes which I put aside on the filing cabinet behind me to be taken to the kitchen closer to quitting time. There is just a mouthful of cold tea left in the bottom and I wonder if I should write my name on it with permanent marker. I think that's a little forward of me not to mention impulsive. More then likely I'll put it in the dish washer with the rest of my dishes only to be used again by someone else (perhaps the rightful owner) tomorrow morning. Maybe if we are all lucky there will be more to this story of me and the purple mug at work.


Ryan said...

Loved the story. I can definitely picture the awkward meeting at the door moment.

I have a nondescript black corporate mug that I thoroughly enjoy. It's twice as big as your average black corporate mug. Your black corporate mug could fit inside, handle and all. It's perfectly sized for the recommended serving of hot chocolate. Also, works great for baking cakes.

Tracy-Girl said...

I love how secretive the mug business is at your work... haha. I think its cute that you guys have secret language about it. Good for you for using it! I do the same thing at my work, unfortunately the mugs are sometimes super nasty dirty... so now I just bring my own! :)

Rolley said...

blahaha thats so funny! I had a fav cupboard cup at my last office, which is only about 100 metres away, when I moved buildings I STOLE IT HAHAHA.. okay I'm not a bad person, the cup had been there for years too and I was its biggest fan, so, I thought it was only natural for me to take it.. : s Its so ME, its got a classic drawing all over it of little italian coffee parlours, coffee, chairs, little tables, a guy playing music in the corner, cobbled stone ground, lamp lights, and so on.. sigh, what a nice cup. heh.

.. mm purple. My favourite! You know what you should do? Leave it dirty overnight, on your desk, then just grab it in the morning when you arrive, and wash it up when you go to the kitchen to make your first cuppa.. that way, you have it locked in a continuous circle of exclusive use. MWAHAHA. hah. ahh nice.