Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Movie Family (inspired by Gorgeous Footsteps In The Sand)

As per usual I was going through my blog list reading all the delightful writings from today and I came across this post from Gorgeous Footsteps In The Sand.

My Movie Family. And I quote "So this got me thinking even more. If I got famous and a movie was made about my life like tomorrow who would play my family?" this question has never really crossed my mind and hasn't really kept me awake at night however after some though I decided this might be fun! So here it is- w/out photos of my family because I don't really keep those at work. OH! but there might be some on line!! I Googled my name and found some long lost photo's from a family reunion I had a few years ago.

My Dad:
With out a DOUBT in my mind my dad would be played by Tom Hanks. I'm not sure if it's the nose, the forehead, the mouth or the way he talks but I can't help but be reminded of my dad every time I see Cast Away (and no, my dad doesn't talk to volley balls).
Oh and when I was little I use to think my dad had two jobs, Chemical engineer by day and evening news anchor man by night. I always though Daryl Janz was my dad. Turns out he's not.

My Mum:
She has always reminded me of the young Elizabeth Taylor... just in looks. Maybe it's the era and seeing pictures of my mum from when she first got married. There's just something there. Current Elizabeth Taylor is nothing like my mum- my mother has aged beautifully and has been married to my dad for over 50 years (her first and only love.). My mother also doesn't know Michael Jackson but she does like his music. I suppose Elizabeth Taylor doesn't really seem like a dog person though- and my mum is. So if I could give Cesar Millan a sex change and make him look like a young Elizabeth Taylor that would be IDEAL.

My Siblings:
I have 5 brothers and sister and they are ALL waaay older then me so being that I didn't really grow up with them I don't truly know them. As I think about it I can't even find someone who reminds me of them or even looks like any of them. At least not people that you could Google and identify with.


-Ronaye owns her own Co-Housing Development Company in Vancouver with her partner Brad.
-Bob works for Canada Pacific Railway ( I hope he's a train conductor but I don't think so.)
-Sandy lives in Calgary and is an artist. She is a very active with in the mental health association in Calgary and lives her life full of love.
-Ron lives in Calgary as well and frames houses for a living. He's a very kind soul and I use to give THE best piggy back rides
-Tom in a mad scientist (well a genetic scientist- but I say he's mad!) in New York City. He's the only one in the family this far that has had any children.
I guess you would say that all look like a cross between Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Taylor, Daryl Janz and Cesar Millan.

My best friend Laura:
She's like my sister and honestly I don't even know who I would hire to play her... maybe I'd get Dog The Bounty Hunter just for giggles. I just sent her a text asking who she thinks would be best suited to play her... maybe I'd get Laura Barrett to play her because they have the same name and are in some ways a bit similar. OK- there is a chef named Jennifer Biesty who looks A LOT like Laura... maybe I'd use her. UPDATE: Laura also just responded to my text with "Madonna, we have the same arms". So Madonna it is- sorry Dog, better luck next time.

Mark is easy, he would be Seth Rogen but without the beard. And the curly hair. *looks at picture* What a jerk.

The Head Elf from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

All Dogs:
My mum's dogs would all be played by Dug from the movie UP
Bogie would be played by Wishbone
Kuma would be played by Tank Girl. Kuma is such a riot grrl.

and as for me... who would play me?
The character of Poppy from Happy Go Lucky is honestly a lot like me( except I don't smoke or go to the clubs or teach children.)- it's a bit creepy to be honest I couldn't even finish the movie.

I know i've missed a lot of main characters but I am running out of time at work... so on that cliff hanger-

The End.
( I think this movie is going straight to DVD)
who would YOU have in your movie?


The Clever Pup said...

Cool. I would be Meryl Streep. My husband would be Hugh Laurie (I'm not the only one who thinks this) We both get told often.

My father would be Q from the older James Bond Movies. My mother, June Alison from the Depends commercials - it's her hair.

My son would probably be Rupert Grint although he's more of a Harry.

This was fun to do.

The Clever Pup said...

Oh, and my brother would be Richard Gere.

amourissima said...

tee hee- I love it!! I think I have a crush on your brother now! ;)

Kerree said...

I've been told I look like Lisa Kudrow so I guess I'd have to pick her as long as she didn't act like Phoebe.