Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"I Got This For You" said the cat...

I'm not a cat person, I'm a dog person. Part of it could do with the fact that when I am around cats I start into a good ol' fashion sneezing fit within 8 minutes (it's true- just ask Laura). I am an animal person so I love cats just the same, just wouldn't have one of my own.

I have however stumbled across this channel on You Tube called Simon's Cat which is a growing collection of animated shorts from the UK all about well... Simon's Cat. This is the most recent addition titled Fly Guy- You should watch it now:

Love it!

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bananas. said...

aw man! i will have to come back later to check out the video. my work computer doesn't allow them (booo).

thanks for commenting on my post. you made me LOL. you sound so much like me. i bet i have you beat though. i haven't been to the dentist in forever and when i scheduled the appt i booked it out a whole month. i absolutely dread the guy. ugh!