Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Lunch Case

I've been looking for a fancy-dancy lunch case for what feels like years now. It needs to be two things- attractive and big. Currently I use either my Lulu Lemon GYM BAG- yes... a gym bag or a reusable cloth bag. It all depends on how big my lunch is that day (it can get pretty big). You might be saying to yourself right at this very moment that "It's back to school time! The perfect time to buy a lunch case!"- it's not. As much as I love Barbie, Transformers and the always so gummy Hannah Montana... I'm a professional (for real, I am.) and don't need to be walking to work winking at all the cute suits with Dora the Explorer slung across my shoulder beside my oh-so-posh Coach purse (Nothing personal Dora). Plus, aside from all that, those damn things are just to small. All of them- even the nondescript black and grey ones over in the "adult" section are just to small. Though I may look it, I'm not a yogurt and diet coke girl kind of girl. I'm a left over "chicken apple oven thing" with homemade biscuits, an apple, carrots, yogurt, banana and cookies for desert. That's just lunch, I also bring breakfast but we won't go there right now.

I was inspired to complain post this when I was taking a mini break from my work and found myself on a fun little site called Think Geek (I *heart* geeks- just so you know) originally I thought maybe they might have something fun for my desk (I want a pet crab at work but they are hard to find. Not the eatable kind of crab that you get from the grocery store but one of those tiny little guys about the size of a paperclip.) but I ended up finding THIS-> the "Nom-nom-nom Lunchbag"

Too cute with it's sassy little write up and half eaten happy sandwich picture. Sadly though, its not what I'm looking for. So the quest for the perfect lunch case continues...

PS: This is my 100th post! Happy 100th My Dog Dinner!


Kristin said...

Congrats on 100! I was SO into my She-Ra lunchbox!

Joey said...

The nom nom nom bag would make a sweet t shirt. Through school i just brown bagged it. Maybe a messenger bag would work. They're kind of subtle. That thinkgeek site is a great place for burning an hour, i just did.

amourissima said...

Kristin- SHE-RA was the BOMB! Princess of Power ALL the way!!

Joey- So true! I burnt about an hour just looking and reading about all the fantastic products they have! Good thinking about the messenger bag... it could do two duties at once. Feed bag AND a purse... Good thinking!