Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cake Day

Today is cake day. Once a month at my office we get together on a Thursday and eat cake. It's a planned thing and the receptionist orders something big and with tones of icing. To be honest- the whole thing just turns my hungry little tummy. It's not the cake- I love the cake. I take off most of the icing and even have it for first breakfast if the mood strikes me so. No, it's not the cake it's the people. No offence everyone- I do like the people I work with. There are some really stand up people here however being in a room the size of my condo with 75 people all eating sugar isn't my idea of fun. Or it isn't until I get in there, sit down and have some cake. Prior I break out in a cold sweat and my heart pounds a million times a second. It's silly. I'm not a shy person... well I guess I can be. I can clam up when I'm expected to say something intelligent but as if I'm expected to saying anything profound other then "Mmmm... can I have another piece?"

*it is at this point that the harem of girls came to grab me and force me to face cake day*

I am happy to say I survived and it actually wasn't that bad. Sure there were the moments where I said something off the wall as I usually do. Over all though... we laughed, we had fun and best of all we had cake. What more could you ask for on a cake day like today.

Is there anything in your life that you dread going to but once you get there you actually have a lot of fun?


Yet said...

Choir Rehersal!
In the afternoon, all I want to do is lay down and watch tv and play on FB but noooo! i've got to go to the chruch and sing for 2 hours. Darn it! But than, once I get there it's fun. Good times.

Kristin said...

Is your name Elaine? Ah ha

Joey said...

haha yeah, going to youtube. I'm like "Crap, there's nothing to do so lets see what dumb stuff people post for attention." Then i find something funny and feel like maybe that was the purpose behind waking up that day.

and on the flipside, some place i'm excited for and always get dissapointed, the local, small time, family owned guitar and music store. I always hope maybe they'll be nice and maybe teach me a few things about their products. But no, they always treat me like my buisiness isn't important so long as my reciept is less than $200 and they talk to me using they're own inside lingo, making me feel like a caveman.

4evernite said...

I had this business dinner I had to go to once and I worried myself silly about it for weeks but it actually turned out to be fun. I do that to myself a lot when it comes to social gatherings... but hey, at least you had cake. :-)

amourissima said...

oh my goodness, you all made me laugh! :D