Monday, August 17, 2009

Something Profound To Say

I wish I had something profound to say today. Something earth stopping or at least inspiring but sadly I don't. I attribute my lack of ability to inspire to my recent horrible-guilty-but-can't-stop-obsession with Big Brother. I have gone from never watching TV to watching only good TV to watching Big Brother. I blame... I blame no one but myself. I don't even have cable!

I didn't watch TV at all when I first move out from my parents place for the 5th and "this is for real" time. I moved in with my roommate Steve who had a vast DVD collection of TV programmes and I found myself enchanted by The Office. I stayed up ALL night watching one after another after another- I couldn't stop. I hadn't watched TV in years. I swear I felt my mind give up on thinking and surrender to a state of zombie like trance. From there slowly the people in my life started introducing more and more TV into my life.

First it was The Office... then Dexter, Heros and Californication. I watched Arrested Development and next came the start of my bad-horrible-nasty TV phase (which I am still so deeply in)... 90210 (the original series.... it was on sale for $20- how could I not?). It was sick- I was obsessed.... then the new 90210 started and I was sucked in something bad that there was NO turning around especially with Gossip Girl right behind with their perfectly matching head bands and under aged drinking. This was around the same time that I discovered my heart warming CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) drama's about horses and love...

TV had me good... and with a few more shows added to the list I wasn't going anywhere until summer. Summer came and all this TV stopped- I went into a state of detox and this is when I was introduced to Mythbusters and shortly after that Big Brother started. I haven't been the same since.

I have already planned my next fix too- when I'm done watching Mythbuster I am going to start watching Mad Men and hopefully get back to some creative TV? Ideally, I'd like to stop watching all together- go back to the way things were before but I can't. OK- that's not true.. I can but I don't want to. It gives me something to talk about in the lunch room. Something to use to help me relate... to connect. It's almost September- whatever am I going to do???

I do have a a sliver of light though- I finally finished a book. It wasn't enlightening or exciting but I finished it and I haven't done that in months. The only thing I learnt from it was that life doesn't stop at 29- which I imagine is a good lesson to learn.

Maybe I need to see this movie -> TV Junkie
but really, I'm really excited to watch Sunday's episode of Big Brother tonight... someone, please... call A&E's Intervention NOW!


Rolley said...

hehe, you know, the first thing that POPPED in to my head when I saw that amusing cartoon pic, was that the parents were worried about their child, despite the fact that they'd pee'd their pants and were standing in their own pee. HAHA, i know, lame, and I know its their shadow but ... ahh I'm still a boy some times.

hehe.. TV!!! I've managed to not get hooked so I can still count myself lucky. Nah, there is some REALLY decent stuff on TV, I never would have seen some of the most awesome documentaries if they hadn't been on TV.. the endless ads annoy me though.

I've never talked to anyone about TV like this, I think the whole noise level of TV (ads mostly) generally irritates me, its strange, I like a house full of music and natural sounds (foot steps, people moving around, kids playing, wind moving the trees outside, and so on). My wife likes to have the TV 'cranked', so sometimes I'm like, walking around the house like a crazy man frowning and trying to escape the noise. HAHA!

: )

funny : )

have a cool day! and nice night watching big brother haha!

Kristin said...

I will never get over my Office addiction I fear. The hubs and I watch the dvds over and over during the off season!

amourissima said...

oh yes, I've seen that frown on your daughter Rolley! I agree- I like my music loud but my TV... not so much. Because I don't have REAL TV and download most of it or watching TV stations websites I don't get the plethora of ads. I actually like seeing some of them because they can be pretty smart.

The word on the street is Big Brother was MESSED UP and FULL of drama yesterday so I am pretty excited to watch it tonight *jumps up and down*

amourissima said...

Kristin: I have watched the DVD's over and over and over as well! I'm never going to get sick of it either. Well unless Jim and Pam pull a Ross and Rachel (from friends.)- then I might get cross.

I have a Dwight Schrute bobble head on my desk. :)