Thursday, July 16, 2009

Witch Hunt

They are looking for me; I can feel it in my bones. One of them just walked past my office and I hid behind my desk. They are looking for the creator of this mornings "burnt toast smell".


I don't know what happened... I slid my bread ever so lovingly into the toaster oven, pressing the button I fluttered off the bathroom (as I usually do) coming out (hands washed OF COURSE) just in time to hear "BEEEEEEEP" indicating that my toast is half done. You see, I'm a dark toast loving girl, I think I get it from my dad. We use to joke that if there wasn't smoke swirling in the early morning sunbeams in the front room Dad's toast was not ready. Now I usually don't like to produce smoke when I'm toasting my bread but I don't shy away from good color. So, like usual- I press the "toast" button again and start cutting up my fresh plums. I may have gotten distracted nibbling on the remaining fruit left on my plum pit or perhaps I spent to much time talking with Peter before turning back to check my toast. Regardless- I knew it was too late when the buzzer went off and I opened the door to have a cloud of smoke escape.

You see, I'm not know for burning my toast- WALTER is. I'm known for how good my toast smells! I quickly pull my black little tiles of toast out of the toaster and recklessly start scraping off the burnt stuff with a knife creating a dark brown pile of fine toast dust in the sink. Powdered Toast Man would have been proud...

Once satisfied with the look of my toast I quickly buttered them and slinked back to my office- you see... the smoke smell moves fast and curious, malicious noses catch a whiff and they come a running...
"Who burnt toast! Who burnt toast!" they yell, usually going into Walters office to see if he was the culprit. As I sit here writing this I see them walking past my office, nose carefully sniffing the air trying to track down the offending food. I'm lucky that my desk is tidy and I can tuck my plate where it can't be easily seen from those walking past. They wouldn't dare search me, would they? At least this isn't as bad as that time I burnt the popcorn in the microwave during lunch and the whole building had to be evacuated (they claim it was just a fire drill but it was a very strange coincidence.).

*15 minutes later*

The air has almost cleared and I think I too am in the clear- I haven't been caught this time but it goes to show that I have to be careful. It's just a matter of a few seconds gone wrong and then all is lost. Until tomorrow...


Rolley said...

HAHHA that's so hilarious!!!! : D hilarious! when some one burns toast in our office the little fire alarm beeper starts going off, then everyone gets in a fuss opening windows and waving their hands in the air to get the smoke away from the detecter. hehe.

So you're a clean desk type huh!?!! HA! Did you ever see the picture of my desk? Man, how embarrassing.. hahaha. I must add that the photo of my desk was a "desk bad day". okay, lets be honest it was a "bad desk WEEK" not day. haha.

amourissima said...

Oooo the windows in your office OPEN! I guess they can't really have that in an office that is 25 floors from the ground. I might throw things like my stapler out the window just for fun.

I get a pretty funny picture in my head of your co-workers all in a fuss over burnt toast. Flapping thier arms in the air. HA!