Monday, July 20, 2009

I Want To Vacuum

If you are no stranger to me then you will be no stranger to my place and no stranger to my obsessive compulsive disorder desire for order and cleanliness. If you said yes to one or more of these things then you will NOT be surprised by my excitement over...

*drum roll please*

A wonderful collaborated creation by Japanese electronics giant Toshiba and appliance manufacturer it's easy on the eyes (see pictures), ears (65- dBA max noise level), back (weighing just 2.1kg/4.6-lbs) and bank account (at 10,500 Yen/ approx $113 USD). With plenty of accessories and a long 6 meter/19' cord I can't wait to get my happy little hands on it- not to mention my dirty little floors.

Bad News:
Sadly, it's currently only available in Japan but what it is that they say? Build it and they will come?? Well, I'm going to build a giant mess and I have faith that in time, the Snail Vac will come and find me. *crosses fingers*


Rolley said...

I'll tell you a secret. Prepare to cringe. I .. Don't.. Have.. a.. Vacuum.. Cleaner.. AT ALL!!! HAHAHA!!!!

I thought you might have had a 'desire' for order and cleanliness, something you said in your posts once hehe. I bet you'd shake your head if you saw my desk right now, the papers have started taking it over!!! (I seriously need to clean my office!)

I would like a vacuum cleaner though.. but for the last few years I've just been happy to sweep the floors and mop.. I like sweeping, sort of, yeah weird I know, but I suppose its just nice having a nice shiny floor once you're finished.

Isn't it funny how we all like certain things to be clean?? Have you ever noticed that.. like, some things more than others. For example, I might like clean floors and a clean kitchen, but I'm happy to have a pig sty work desk and a lounge with stuff on half of it.. its weird how we have quirky little preferences - my strangest is probably that I like to polish my pots n pans.. I'm sure most people would never bother to clean and polish their cookware like that? hehe.

What a huge comment.. crikey! I waffled on too much!

amourissima said...

I like comments and long comments plus you always have something intelligent to say- OFTEN more intelligent then my own post! ha!!

Now that I think about it- I really don't NEED a vacuum. I have a sweeper that I use on my patio and then I could just sweep and mop the inside. I'd rather vacuum though just out of habit. I don't NEED to though. I have no rugs.. hmmm.. you've got me thinking here Rolley!

I'd be polishing my pots as well if it was as pretty as yours!! :)

Rolley said...

haha!! thanks : )
I do agree with ya there though, I WOULD rather vacuum too really, especially since it gets the stuff out of the cracks in the floor boards! hehe.
Have a sweet weekend!