Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As mentioned in a previous post Queen Bee, I Google EVERYTHING. I've been meaning to write a blog for a while because, well... it's been a while. My loyal fan is begging for more! Anyway, I opened my Google and typed in "Blogger" as I usually do but missed the "L" and entered an extra "O" hence the word "Boogger".

"Did you mean: booger" asked Google

"No" I giggled to myself (yes, giggled... we have discussed this. I am still some what 8)
Next it showed me links for...

Urban Dictionary: boogger

boogger shot pictures from news photos on webshots -

my welchy: Little Boogger

then I found this:

I think that might actually be scary? I'm not really sure what it is... My volume is muted on the computer because I'm at work... but for some reason it popped up becasue of the word (if it even if one) "Boogger"... so excuse me if it's offensive.

That has been my adventure thus far and it's only been about 15 minutes. Now I'm going to try and write a "real" blog.

The End


Rolley said...

hahahaha I so would have laughed too, and clicked away like you did. There's so many laughs to be found on urban dictionary, one of our favourites at work here is the "Bondi Cigar" (Bondi is a famous beach in Sydney)... and isn't it funny that you can order a quote printed on a mug, haha!

amourissima said...

I saw that in one of your blogs!!! About that mugs that is now about the "Bondi Cigar". I haven't check to see what that is yet but I'm a some what smart girl- I can come up with some good assumptions!

amourissima said...

ok- I looked it up ("Bondi Cigar")
WOW! That's kind of exciting, in a don't-go-in-the-water kind of way...

I still can't comment on your blogs when I'm at work Rolley :(
I'm not sure what it is and I can't really talk to the IT department and say "I can't Blog when I'm at work and should be doing work related stuff...Can you help me?" Hrrrmmmmmmm

Rolley said...

awwww, damnit!!!! ...... : | it would be funny though if you did say that to the IT people hehe.
(woohhh I'm on a blog commenting frenzy this morning!)