Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shredder 2.0

This week has been very exciting at the office.

Day #1- Meet the New Girl
Day #2- Department gets a new shredder
Day #3- (today) have LUNCH with the new girl

I'm not going to tell you about today, that was just typical lunchroom fun but I am going to tell you about the fancy new shredder. A long time ago- about 3 years ago I started a job HERE, in an office- I had been working in jewelery for almost 11 years and got tired of it *sigh*. Here I learnt all about Microsoft Office, postage machines and having weekends off. Lovely! I moved around a bit and finally got myself a little office off the north corner with 6 other lovely ladies (and 1 man). And a shredder! This wasn't your everyday purchase from Office Depot shredder that only did one page at a time- this thing could take a stack of 10 and demolish it in under 30 seconds. I was in love!

It's true- it doesn't take much to make me fall a sleep in love. You see, I knew I was in love when I looked closely and noticed that some other quirky sole had pasted a printed off picture of Shredder from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I delighted in that for years until just last month I heard Shredder 1 sputter out his last stack of paper and die- never to shred again. Maybe his motor couldn't take any more staples, maybe we weren't suppose to put DVD's in him or credit cards (by "we" I mean "I")- so I did with out, Shredder 1.0 sitting in the corner with a "Broken" sign on him and me putting my confidential documents straight into the recycling bin.

Fast forward to yesterday- I see my boss walk past with a dolly in tow and on that dolly was a GIANT box- *gasp!* a NEW SHREDDER! Excited, I went to take a peak- this one is big, mean, black and grey! Totally intimidating looming in the corner by the printer- I can tell he wants to pull my hair! Regardless of Shredder 2.0 dominating air I took a stack of papers and fed it to him. He was hungry and eager! Devouring stacks like I've never seen before and all with his mouth quietly closed!

He is awkward and needs to be broken in. Still smelling of new plastic I think when no one is looking I will paste a new Shredder picture on him. Make him feel like part of the team as for Shredder 1.0 he still sitting in the his little area with his two printer friends and Shredder 2.0. He isn't ready to go home to the big plastic recycling plant in Japan- I'm not sure if he ever will. He's still my first love and I will always remember him.

Many Happy Journeys Shredder 1.0 may your electrical cord always run long even if your motor doesn't.

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