Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Ever Changing Facebook

It seems that Facebook will be changing again.
Or so that is the plan.
So I read.
I'm actually pretty excited about this one- being a babbler, blogger and note writer I have never truly felt that comfortable writing freely in Facebook. I came from the world of MySpace where I had 4 different setting for my blogs:
  • Public (the whole world can read it)
  • Friends Only (only people who were on my friends list can read it)
  • Private (only the I could read it)
  • and my favorite, Preferred List ( a small group of people I had hand picked to be the only ones able to read my blog.)

I miss that Preferred List setting a lot with Facebook and therefore don't write as many (if any) personal notes. I like to write about some of the closely personal things in my life, getting it out of my head . My preferred list on My Space had been a part of some of the more difficult situations and choices in my life. I don't think I could have been as strong as I was without that support and distraction.

Now, as things pop in and out of my life (or just don't go away, yeah- some of you know what I'm talking about...) I still want to turn to writing. I've abandoned MySpace because everyone has collectively moved over to Facebook and on Facebook I can admit that maybe I have more friends then I want (though 200 isn't anything compared to the 1200 I had on MySpace- I learnt my lesson about friend collecting. It can result in obtaining a stalker. A real stalker.). People from the past that I really don't talk to but don't want to loose track of again. I am leery to be so personal with everyone...

I've changed a lot over the years and have abandoned that part of me that is the exhibitionist. In a way I've grown up but I still crave that small community of friends where I can go and be my messy, messed up self. The new privacy controls that they are working on currently with Facebook promise that, or something close to that. That doesn't mean I'm going to be on Facebook anymore then I am now ( I go on once every few months or whenever I have actual pictures to upload- 98% of my Facebooking is done via text message on my phone.) but I might try writing on there again. Most of my blogging is done through Blogger and I just have it piped into Facebook from the site... because of that I'm still resistant and keep the personal blogs short and somewhat cryptic.

Read the article-I can't get on to actual Facebook right now because I'm at work and they have it blocked.

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