Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Long Overdue Post About My Holidays

So I went away for 15 days at the start of June (yes, that long ago.)- went along on a road trip to the far west coast of British Columbia. The main objective was to get to the pacific rime- a stunning little area along the western shore line of Vancouver Island. You will find old growth rain forests with lush towering trees, whales and other wonderful sea monsters. I'm going to keep this short and sassy but I do think that these pictures need to be shared.

Went to a place called The Enchanted Forest my whole life I have always driven past it with my parents on our way into BC. This time I was the one driving the car so I got to do what I wanted!

The whole forest was filled with little scenes depicting different fairy tales and nursery rhymes. It was allot of fun for a big kid like me.


tea for two

me and a creepy bunny.

Arrived in the Sunshine Coast which is just north of Vancouver. Saw this Starfish imprint on the doc.

arrived in Tofino which is a small town in the pacific rim. This is a cute little place to eat called The Botanical Gardens.

statues in the gardens

Went on a small hike through an old growth rain forest- look at the size of that tree!!! can you see me in there?

The boardwalk through the old growth forest

the beach in which our cabin was in Tofino.


dried up drift wood along the beach.

Beach in Tofino

Sunset from the cabin

Morning beach walk in Tofino

They don't call it Long Beach for no reason

the picture says it all

another old growth forest

Me and the big tree

In Nanamio- a city on Vancouver Island

saying goodbye to the mountains- for now.


Rolley said...

wow look at the treeeeeeees! Man.. I .. Love.. holidays.......!!!!!!

amourissima said...

I KNOW! I love trees- the bigger the BETTER, it's stunning how large and amazing they are. It was somewhat grounding as well... don't know why but it was. Maybe it was just nice to get away from the city!

chandara said...

Omgoodness!!! I don't think I have seen a tree so big, but then again I really haven't been anywhere. Great Pictures!