Friday, July 17, 2009

The New Girl

There is a new girl starting in my department- I wonder what she is going to be like? Currently we only have one girl looking after what is truly a job for two (that one girl is NOT me- I do my own thing waaay over here. I'm the only one who does my job.) so... enter New Girl! She will have the office across from me so I hope she's interesting. The girl who use to sit in that office was very interesting- one of my fondest memories was the day she slept under her desk for most of the day.

I came in and though I saw her sitting at her desk, 10 minutes later she was gone and I didn't see her till after lunch. She didn't just appear- I actually saw her crawl out from under her desk, looking a bit green. She was sick and in her defence wasn't able to find a ride home just yet. Sleep under her desk was the next best choice.

Some people have all the luck and can sleep almost anywhere. I have a hard enough time just sleeping in my OWN bed.

Anyway, in an attempt to burn off the last few minutes of my work day here are some pictures of The New Girls office and the view from her window. It's been cleaned (though, to me... it still looking like someones office but maybe that's because MY office- when clean- looks a lot like this.) and is ready for her arrival on Monday.
Do you remember your first day of work?


Kristin said...

I have to say that when I was preggers, I had to lie down on my office floor quite a bit. I would have been interesting for you. Ah ha

amourissima said...

Kristin- yes you would have been! Tee hee :)