Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Morning Monday... errr I Mean Tuesday

Yesterday was a complete and utter write off. For real... I don't even know what I did with myself at work. *stops to think* Yup, no recollection of my time at all. I left early and went straight home and despite another warm afternoon I put my pj's on and lounged on my couch watching reruns of Mythbusters, drifting in and out of sleep. I finally got my butt up and into bed at 10pm and slept right through till my alarm went off at 6:15am. I must have been tired.

I had a pretty nasty headache yesterday, one of those sick ones that wouldn't go away even after taking 2 Extra Strength Advil for Migraines every 4 hours. I do have this essential oil that I get from Saje called Peppermint Halo- I apply it along my hairline, the top of my head and on the back of my neck. It smells strongly of peppermint (hence the name Peppermint Halo) and tingles softly for hours- almost like a mini massage. I started to feel somewhat human again moments after using it- I'm always amazed at how well it works for something so simple.

Regardless of the headache some concerns that have been foreground for me the last week have come to a kind of resolution as of yesterday. Though I can say honestly that not all the outcomes have been ideal at least there are some answers for now and action is being taken.

So, it's a lovely Tuesday morning. The air is cool with rain and smelling fresh. Tuesdays are always fun because that's when new music comes out on iTunes! I had a busy weekend and perhaps tonight I will be able to make the time to tell you a bit about it!

Have a lovely day!


Rolley said...

HAHA woho! i watched that episode on tv just a few weeks ago, how hilarious was that, I was laughing out loud watching them run around on those bananas.. Although, I must say, I had horrible guilt over it because the bananas should have went to starving people, not wasted on the ground. Oh well anyway.

You're the iTunes master! thanks for the tip, its Wed here so I quickly logged in, went to the store, and voila! There was a new EP out from one of my fav bands - and it wasn't there last week for sure! so yeah.. thanks for the tuesday iTunes tip! : )

Mmm I love peppermint. I have a tea that has peppermint in it (as well as other things.. black tea, little blue flowers, papaya, etc).. and i love how the peppermint sneaks in from behind all the flavours to tingle your mouth. Annnnd there's those shampoos that have it in so it makes your scalp feel all tingly and cool!!

Yay for peppermint! : D (p.s. sorry to hear about your headache though, nasty!!)

Anonymous said...

I should get some of the peppermint stuff, I have horrible headaches and migraines. Hope yours is feeling better today.

amourissima said...

I love peppermint tea... my tummy can get a bit testy at times and the tea smoothes it perfectly!

iTunes has new free music every week (and sometimes free TV shows and other glorious thing- a few weeks ago they had a free Mythbuster episode *swoon*) so make sure to check iTunes every week!

Headache all better! Yippee for Peppermint!

You should try some of that Peppermint Halo. It works pretty well for me- you can order on line or perhapse you can purchase something similar from your local health food store?