Sunday, July 5, 2009

The People Across The Way

There is an apartment across the way that houses 4 cats and a young couple. I image that the cats are the woman's and the guy just became step daddy to them. They are in their mid 30's with a certain bohemian air to them. They spend lazy afternoons lofting on their west facing balcony as 3 of the 4 cats gracefully walk along the railing. I'm always so impressed by this, first because they can balance so well and second "mum" doesn't flip out. She must still believe that cats have 9 lives and always land on their feet.

This couple exudes a earthy charm with their longish hair and bare feet. They drink their beer out of the bottle and even from here I can see that they love each other very much. I like that. I'm not a gushy, mushy kind of girl... but I like affection. I like to see people walking down the street holding hand. A kiss goodbye and even a private make-out in a dim doorway along 17 ave. It doesn't have to be dirty but I just like seeing people in love. I feel good seeing other people in that glow- though I must admit people in Walmart were a bit off tonight. Numerous amounts of couples were clinging to each other in almost every aisle I went up- as though they might loose them selves amongst the strange plastic smell.

Even now- he sits outside in the sunset reading his book. I can't see her- she somewhere in the apartment I guess. It reminds me of comfortable summer times much like that, sitting in the back garden with a book in hand, listening to the noises and enjoying the moment. Hearing footsteps shuffle across the hardwood floor and knowing that there was someone in there that loves me.
There is a certain completion that comes with being loved by another. Yes, of course I love myself deeply and relish the time that I spend by myself. But being able to go home and share that with a person is vital to being human. Relating and connecting...

I don't really know what I am trying to get at here, I just walked into the living with my book to read before bed and I caught a glimpse of the guy across the way book in hand. Inspiration and yearning came forward for me and so I decided to write about it. Just as simple as that.

That and I'm really not a creep- I enjoy all the people (as long as they stay remotely quiet past midnight) in my neighbourhood. It's one of the joys of living centrally. Plus I don't even need to own a car.


Anonymous said...

I love people watching.

And having my husband gone right now has made me realize how much I like his presence. Even when we are doing nothing and both on our computers, it's just nice to have him here with me.

TheDecoDetective said...

This is a lovely story! It's a privilege having someone to love and being loved back... I like watching people, too, I always make up stories about them when I'm on the bus or in the coffee shop.

Rolley said...

I like how you think! You're a thinker!! hehe. Do you ever sit in a park and watch people? Just watch them walk past or sit and snuggle or play with their kids on blankets? I would if I lived in a city : )

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only people watcher or scenario dreamer. : )