Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon: A Zowie Bowie Movie

They say it's the last place you'd ever expect to find yourself ...
I saw the indie sci-fi epic delight Moon over the weekend. The film is directed and written by newbie Duncan Jones aka: Zowie Bowie (yes, THAT Bowie.) and it's a delicious combination of stunning visuals, melodious instrumental music and 1970's space grit (think moon boots and chunky orange buttons). Sam Rockwell was great as a blue collar spaceman and his partner in crime, GERTY (done by Kevin Spacey) made an excellent stone faced unintentional funny man.

Though I can't say that I found it shocking (perhaps seeing Bruno temporarily ruined that reaction in me.) it drew me in and kept me close. Ending on a bitter sweet note I took a moment to watch the credits float down the screen dazed and hungry for just one more inch of story.

Moon is an emotional movie, the director is quoted as saying:
"I want people to leave the theatre tapping away on their iPhones, looking up Helium-3 as a potential fuel for fusion power generation, and discussing the prospects of Lunar mining. I want sci-fi geeks to be jumping around excitedly, chattering about how cool we made the rovers, harvesters and base. I want the romantics to be teary-eyed, having a little shared moment with the people they love, or calling them up if they are far away. But most important, I want people who love movies to say, 'That was pretty damn good. I wonder what these guys are going to do next…'"


pocket full of pink said...

Great review, I want to check out that movie!

amourissima said...

I really enjoyed it- I hope you do too! :)