Monday, July 20, 2009

The New Girl: Part Deux

So "the new girl" started today, I'm kind of shy *blush* and she seems a bit busy (obviously.. she's new and is learning the ropes.) but I went in and said "Hi!". I like her- she seems nice thought not overly interesting. All she seems to be doing in her work- which IS good. My boss was looking a little tired today, I asked if there was something I could do but sadly I couldn't for confidentiality reasons.

Today is funny- I usually don't wear black in the summer especially not to work. Not sure why that is, perhaps just one of those funny little "rules" I have about fashion (Undergarments should always match, don't show too much of a good thing, don't wear short shorts until there are leaves on the tree's and it's above +21°C in the shade.). Anyway- today I wore a high waisted black pencil skirt and a white shirt.. it just felt like a black and white day. WELL, let me tell you! I wasn't the only one! Walking to work about 75% of the ladies had the same idea, then when I got to work the usual people that I run into again were mostly wearing black and white.

Black and white, white and black- where ever I went there it was! THEN I met the new girl- she too had black and white on AND basically the same outfit all the way down to my shiny black patient leather heals. We both though it was pretty funny.

It reminded me of another girl I use to work with, we not only had the same clothing but often accidentally wore it on the same day. I use to get a kick out of- not that I have ever been the type of girl to go all matchy-matchy with a friend but I enjoy coincidences like that. Thing like when Laura and I say the same random thing at the exact same time, I'm gleefully 13 again and yelling jinx! Which reminds me... I think she owes me a soda...

Anyway- the day is done and I have to pick up my boots from the shoe makers! he's bring new life to a pair of old faithfuls. Only 60 more days till the snow might come.

Happy Random thoughts everyone and enjoy your evening!


Rolley said...

haha classic! I've never had that happen, rocking up to work and having the same stuff on, but I suppose I am a bit bummy and wear weird things to work. : )

amourissima said...

I know a guy who wears a kilt one day and then the next day a tux (to work). That's always a bit out of the ordinary here.