Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take The Long Way Home- Sunday Hike

I went for a 22 km hike on Sunday to a lake west of Calgary called Lake Minnawonka (or in my speak- Lake Willy Wonka). It was beautiful- here are some pictures to illustrate the stunning beauty of a portion of the Rockey Mountains.
First view of the lake just past the boat launch.

Lake Minnawonka is deep and an ideal place (because where I live there is no ocean.) to learn to scuba dive. I don't know why they would rather be under the water rather then enjoying that amazing mountain view.

I've been told though that there are ruins from an old coal mining town at the bottom of the lake so that would be interest to investigate. Being a mountain lake I can imagine it being a bit chilly.

Waving at the camera

a little mountain goat family. They were loosing their winter fur- STILL... I really wanted to brush them because I think it would have helped a lot. They were all matty looking. First rule of hiking though- do not approach the wild animals.

first bridge that crosses a decent sized cannal.. look at the color of the water. That's real boys and girls.

Me and the bridge

Look at the design on the mountain... interesting.

Deer or in my speak- Bambi.

There is a small marina at the lake but it was very quiet. Very relaxing and quiet.

We found part of the abandoned town that was above the lake. These are the stairs that led up to the church. They were build in 1902. in 1912 ( I think) the church was cut in half and taken to Calgary where it functioned as a church till 1962- not sure what happened to it after that. I must do a little research. It was some what erie being there because almost 100 years ago there were people unaware of the future walking up those steps...


Rolley said...

I'm with you, I'd much rather that beautiful mountain view, its absolutely amazing! I'm going to come back later and re-look at the pics.. what a gorgeous place. I've got mountain and hiking envy now. damnit!

amourissima said...

Totally gorgeous! I feel lucky to live where I do (mind you it's a different type of attractive in the winter- all covered in snow and such. Brrrrr...)!