Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ogopogo Body Found

Move over Nessie- Canada's own Lake Monster, the Ogopogo is making waves! A Kelowna kayaker found what they thought was the washed up carcass of one smallish Ogopogo. Reports state that the body measures about 1.5 meters long- about that of an average beaver *gasp!*, coincidence... they think not. Excluding of course Arlene Gaal, who has written three books about the creature and has documented its many sightings over the years. She's calling this a "very important" find.

The Ogopogo lives in waters of Okanagan Lake and has the body of a snake and the head shape of a horse. It is usually reported as dark blue, black or brown with a lighter underside. It can move with astounding speed but many sightings in calm weather have been made of the creature apparently feeding on either fish or aquatic weeds.

Skeptics however have come to a less creative idea of where this monster actually comes from. British cryptozoologist Dr. Karl Shuker has categorized the Ogopogo as a 'many hump' variety of Lake Monster suggesting it may be a kind of primitive serpentine whale such as Basilosaurus. Due to the lack of clear physical evidence it has also been suggested that the sightings are misidentifications of common animals, such as otters, and inanimate objects, such as floating logs. It is also possible in some cases that Ogopogo could be the misidentification of "a seiche" which is a standing wave in a lake that travels below the surface in a long serpentine motion.

Regardless, the Ogopogo myth has resurfaced again for the moment which to my child like glee sends shivers down my back. I am reminded of hot summer days spent in Lake Oakangan, one time in particular I was learning to water ski. The skis had fallen off and I was left there bobbing in the water as the boat turned around to pick me up. My eyes were glued to the murky water below me, I couldn't even see my feet as I treaded them slowly. My imagination went wild as my feet connected with drift wood and weeds floating just below me, I couldn't get out of that water fast enough.

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