Monday, May 4, 2009

Purses, Luggage and Trunks

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have baggage. Some of us carry purses slung over our shoulders, others have wallets in their back pockets, many relentlessly grunt through life dragging Louis Vuitton trunks with matching wheelie suitcases. Regardless- we all have baggage in which we carry the tokens from our life; our identification. We never go anywhere with out it.

People scoff at it, assuming it makes a person tainted or broken in some obscene way. I disagree- it's not about the bag in which you carry, it’s what you have in the bag and how the person utilizes it through their life. That nasty breakup you had last year, the teasing you endured when you were 8 and last years berry tinted lip gloss all come in handy at some point or another. Though if we find ourselves carrying around so much that we can't physically make our way though life with out needing someone else to carry it for us, then you need to stop and take a better look at what exactly you are toting around with you. One needs to sit and sift through the clutter and crumbs, tossing (or packing) away the items that no longer serve a purpose. Do you really need to leave the house everyday with the memory of your 2nd grade teacher telling you that you’ll never amount to anything? How about that crumbly have eaten granola bar? I didn't think so.

Some of us find it hard to let go of these sentimental things though, holding onto them far past their expiry date. They occupy the space that could be filled with fresh new tokens giving everything a stale, musty, limiting odor.

I'm just like everyone else- I have a past. It's speckled with joy, hurt, love, hate, innocence, mistrust, abuse and adoration. As sentimental and sensitive I can be at times it has become important to me to ensure that each and every token has its place. I try to craft a more manageable version of the heavy, jagged ones with wisdom from the experience, tossing away the nasty assumptions and useless grudges that show up like empty candy wrappers. I am well aware that I still carry with me some items that aren’t really serving a positive influence (if any) on my life. Chewable Pepto-Bismol tablets, an old baby photo I never look at, a light switch… like lucky talismans I keep holding on- though I must admit the light switch is starting to seem a bit pointless these days.

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Rolley said...

I like the things you write about! Honest. I agree with ya here; the experiences we have and the baggage of those experiences definitely makes us who we are.. the good the bad, everything. Its like they're perpetually folded into each other, and with each extra experience we learn, re-invent what we know and think, and continue.. what fun!