Monday, July 18, 2011

Calgary Folk Fest 2011

Stampede (AKA: Cowboy Halloween) is DONE and the 2011 Calgary Folk Fest is on the way. If you have been following my blog for at least a year you will know that I love live music and I love Folk Fest. It's amazing food, stellar music, Sangria in the beer garden, afternoons playing with bubbles, meeting people young and old, sharing tarps, dancing barefoot in the grass, hula hooping in the field, it's being a hippy and holding hands and making peace with the Oil Sands executive sitting beside you. It's community, it's fellowship, it's a city team building event that repairs all the damage that Stampede does to the good nature of people. It's like Harry Potter and Dumbledores Army just came into town Wednesday and started casting enchantments all around Princes Island so by Thursday, when the festival opens up everyone is feeling safe, protected and kind. It's like a village within a city. People camp out at Folk Fest lounge out front (run by super hipster Duck Man - he walks around making duck face all day long), it's the safest place I've ever been. This year I have no idea what most of the music is about, but I always find something new to love. Matt Andersen will be there, I'm excited to see him!

This transient community starts with smiles and ends Sunday night with a feeling full of heart and new members in your circle of friends. Not even friends, you have new members in your family.

My friend ZT will be working at Stage 6 (as he did last year) so I always go for a visit over there. Last year stage 6 was my favorite. They have Hill Country Revue jamming with Debashish Bhattacharya (an Indian artist who played sitar on a table), Konono no°1 and Etran Finatawa from Niger. It was all sides of the earth together as one making some damn funky music (that's right, I used the word "damn" and "funky") that was so good I danced like a crazy women for a whole hour. By myself. At 11AM in the morning.

So excited for my favorite weekend of July.

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