Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crash Course on Loving Calgary

OX A Crash Course on Loving Calgary - "How To" from Sharon Stevens on Vimeo.

I admint, I love and hate this city all at once. It's a kind of fickle love.. probaliby the most fickle I've ever had. But I do love it and though it has it's challange I've enjoyed every moment expoloring every nook and cranny. With the car I'll have in August I plan to explore even more.

When I was writing my last post about Ox and Angela I went searching for images and came across the "Ox" one I used. Along with that image came this blog dedicated to people sharing their favorite spots in the city.

OX: A Crash Course on Loving Calgary is about sharing love for our City and great places to see through a down-loadable walking audio tour.

OX is a project to motivate and mobilize people to go out and capture the love of our City using participatory media art. It is an interactive, community mapping, down-loadable audio tour that will showcase Calgary OX spots as seen through the eyes and ears of Calgarians. Erecting the OX flag, citizens are recording their ideal spot of Calgary.

The project began in March of 2009, the Chinese Zodiac Year of the OX with a motto of “I persevere”.

Through this website, you can pick an OX you’d like to explore, download the audio and go out to hear about Calgary and what there is to love according to the contributors.

I enjoyed the shared enthusiasm in the city. It's not like we live in a small town, it's grown into a decent sized city that showcases many interesting gems; obvious or not so obvious. If I were to pick my favorite place it would have to be the park I've been spending my days reading in. I haven't had a chance recently to enjoy it I plan to this weekend. Maybe, if the weather is clear, I'll head over after work and make a dent in the book I've been reading.

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