Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dear Google+
What is your point? You are really just another site that I have to check. Another site I have to go through the process of adding friends and basically creating a home. It's like moving to a new school or a new city. I have to start fresh and I don't really feel like doing that.

But you have potential. And it would be nice if I could stream all my social networking sites through you. As well as my blog.

I have to wait for my friends to want to play but until then, I will wonder... is it possible to replace Facebook?

Lots of Love,


The Big Deal


Rolley said...

ahh yeah, I think I've decided later this year I'm going to close down facebook and use Google+ instead. I've been using the trial so far and its definitely got some potential in terms of integration throughout all the google stuff... i already use youtube, i think im going to start using picasa for my photos, i use blogger, calendar so I suppose I might as well go the google+ full steam ahead! hehe

amourissima said...

Rolley, Have a lot of your friends moved over to G+

I think that part of the issue is all of my friends are still over on Facebook and the ones that are over on G+ aren't on it very much. For now, this was the same issue when we first all moved over from MySpace to Facebook.

I guess I'll just have to get them all to move!