Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been 1, 2, 3, 4, long years...

After 4 long years this super fan has been waiting with bated breath for my most favorite songstress to come out of hiding and release some new sounds. When her Reminder album came out I was disappointed. Most of the material was old to me. Things I had heard in concerts or off of bootlegged albums years prior to the release. One song I have been waiting for is one called Anti-Pioneer. Well, my wish has been granted. Due out in the fall, Feist has an album coming out called Metals featuring a remastered version of Anti-Pioneer. Oh yeeeeeah!

To go along with her new album there is a new and remastered website as well as some coy teaser videos.

She's back and I'm excited. That means a tour and hopefully a return to Calgary Folk Fest. This is her home town. (hint hint Leslie Feist)

Article about Feist's return in Spin Magazine along with a review of a few of the tracks included on Metals.

October is so long away.... *sigh

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