Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organic Water and Water Battery

Organic Water? Yes, organic water. What is it? Raised on a farm? Free range? Raised by Amish? It has organ parts in it? No pesticides? Really, it's just water. Silly. Organic has become a marketing term.

Now, combine Graphite and Water and you know what you have? A battery apparently. Using this new material you can apparently recharge the same battery over and over and over in around 2 seconds. Interesting to think about isn't it. Think about how quickly you can charge your Smartphone! Plug it in and in 2 seconds have it be fully charged. That's a game changer to me.

The secret is the graphine which is from graphite (a form of carbon). There is lots of hope in this new material with amazing properties. It's like this weird, semi metal substance which is strong, chemically stable, an excellent conductor of electricity and, importantly, has an extremely high surface area. Though it does it's disadvantages as outlined in this interesting article.

With water, it looks promising.

And that boys and girls is the our water lesson for the day.

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