Tuesday, September 1, 2009


4Pm is happy hour- isn't it?? I actually don't really know what happy hour is... from what I barely remember while in Mexico you get two strawberry margaritas for one? BOGO Event at the bar?? Oh Mexico- the place where I did things fearlessly like eating food from street vendors in the old part of town. I don't even do that here- *shudders*

Anyway, back to discussing 4pm- it's Happy Hour for me because I clean up what I am working on and wait for home time to come get me on the way out. Today 4pm came and I was early.. I had cleaned up at 3:40pm and was already on Blogger reading every ones thoughts and posts. I think that might have been due to the fact that at 2:20pm I had a false start and thought it was almost 4pm then. Not a good feeling so I went to reception and raided the candy dish. That taught someone a lesson and made me feel MUCH better at 2:20pm not being 4:00pm (sorry 2:20pm to give you such an unhealthy expectation to live up to).

It's September now and I have my dentist appointment to look forward too (enter nauseated groan here). I haven't been to the dentist in a very long time- I have never had a cavity and I'm a wee bit religious when it comes to brushing (I do the whole brush, floss and mouthwash thing a few times a day). I'm concerned that there are going to be problems when I go though... I do have a tooth the screams nasty things at me if I drink water that is ice-ice cold (I Googled that- Note to Self... DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT Google medical conditions unless you are certain that you don't have what you are looking at. If you choose to not heed this advice at least try not to look at the images. *shudders*) but that's about it. Today we talked about the dentist at lunch-that wasn't a good moment for me.


September is also the month that I start thinking about Christmas (and Halloween costumes), last year I got super organized and had my shopping done by November. Just in time for me to relish the holiday season like a fake person on TV. It was delightful *stops to think* actually I don't remember it at all... Where did Christmas 2008 go? Hmmm.. I'll have to look for that later.

My phone has been rather quiet this last week. My best and most glorious friend Laura is away in England. I get the odd Facebook update but that's about it- I miss her dearly. I could have gone however it wasn't time yet. I'm saving up my Airmiles to get me over there for as close to free as possible and then I'd like to stay about a month in a vain attempt to eat my way though at least a bit of Europe.

It's now time to put my pens away. I usually have about 10-15 scattered across my desk every day. I do put them away but some how during the day they come out and clutter up my desk PS: I secretly hoard office supplies in my desk. I do need 51 units of the same kind of pen. Away goes my calculator, stapler and my adding machine (one day I will have to tell you about my adding machine. I love it. For real). Recycle my water bottles and put my rubber finger away (Rubber Finger is my favorite accessory).

I take my vitamin B50 and check my email one last time. Have a good night!

What time do you generally find yourself cleaning up and getting ready to head home?

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valentine said...

the half hour between 4:00 and 4:30 drags! keep checking the clock to see if it's time to go home yet