Monday, September 21, 2009

H. G. Wells: The Google Mystery Solved

As reported in recent post Crop Circles, Harry Potter and Google, Google has been trailing the curious along with their paranormal, unexplained Google Doodles (oh my goodness, off topic but the girl in the office across from me is sick- EEK! The poor thing hasn't stopped coughing since 8am. Go home, honey). WELL- the mystery has been solved! This is Googles homage to the late author, Herbert George Wells, known for such classics as The Time Machine and The War of The Worlds (pre-Tom Cruise).

As Google put so eloquently, H. G. Wells "encouraged fantastical thinking about what is possible, on this planet and beyond."

So Happy 143rd birthday Mr. Wells, I promise to eat some cake for you.


The Clever Pup said...

I hear the HG was like catnip to the ladies and that he had the aroma of honey about him.

Rolley said...

Ah good old HG Wells! I have the musical version of the War of the Worlds at home! hehe.. man it was a CLAAAASSSSIC! Did you hear about the mass hysteria the original radio play caused!? HAHAHA how hilarious!