Monday, September 21, 2009

Redefining the Past and Present

It's funny when you catch a glimpse of someone who you see everyday in a structured environment and you witness them for the first time as they are in their "real life". It was like when I was little and would run into a teacher at the grocery store- amazed that they lived a separate life outside of desks and chalk boards. That they have weekends, relationships, good and bad days. I've had a similar experience with a girl at work, I've gotten to know her beyond work life over the last few months (maybe it's been longer then that) and she never stops surprising me. I don't mean that in a negative way in any sense, it's just human nature when you come across another person in life that you make up a story about who you think they are.

I thought highly of Chandara the first time I met her, the first thing I noticed about her was how beautiful she is. Long thick dark hair and the perfect complexion- it was hard not to notice this first. Conversation comes easy to her making her a warm and inviting person to share stories with, when her office was on my floor I could often be found chatting it up with her. Her "no bullshit" attitude was refreshing in a place that can often be full of company politics. We had gone out a few times with other girls from the office for drinks after work and always had fun. She is a real fire cracker.

I know Chandara is an intelligent girl- that's obvious... but her creative talent is her "outside of work secret". An artist, a creator of clothing and an entrepreneur- she is a true inspiration to me. She is fearless in everything she does and brimming with creative energy- she is a amazing.

She has started a blog just the other day:

and I am really excited to see where she takes it- already it samples just a pinch of her talent (check out the bridesmaids dresses she made! Nicely done girl!!!!) and sense of humor.
So here's a toast to Chandara, the girl who can do anything (except keep her shoes on)!

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