Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Boy Named Max

I was a wild thing as a child, often chasing the dogs around, drawing on the walls and pouring whole bottles of shampoo down the shower drain. Though I was never grounded or sent to my room without dinner, my mum would often "threaten" to throw me in the garbage. That suited me just fine- I was in love with the garbage man. Every Tuesday morning I'd pull one of the kitchen chairs over to the big window that looked out to the back alley and wait for the sound of the truck rumbling down the gravel lane. When he finally got to our house he always looked for me in the window (me a girl of 5 with hot rollers in her hair and a soother still in her mouth -blame my mum for that- and him a 30 year old garbage man.) and wave. I'd wave back, it made my week. I remember being SO impressed when my mum said she ran into him at the bank.

At that age I had many favorite books that I liked to have read to me, Go Dog Go, Barba Papa, Winni the Pooh, Where The Wild Things Are... just to list a few. Slowly though, I out grew them and graduated to J. R. Tolken in Grade 3. It wasn't until about a year ago that I caught wind that there was a movie being made of one of my favorites. 8 months ago I saw the trailer and it has been since then I've been patiently with the rest of the world for October 16th 2009.
For the release of Where the Wild Things Are:

Not only did I plan to marry the garbage man but I also had a crush on Max (the character in the book) and always though that his food (when he returned home) looked so delicious and I wanted to eat it.

Maybe that is where my infatuation with soup comes from.

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