Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Could Have Been

I was perusing through a site I found on line for the Calgary Heritage Society which I find rather interesting. I have a certain misplaced nostalgia for things old and full of character, though never much of a world history buff I enjoy things of local interest.

It was there that I found this picture:The source that I borrowed the photo from noted this, "Found this in an old clipping file at the downtown Library. From April 1969, a 207 suite apartment approved for a site on 14th Avenue east of 4th Street SW. Never built. "

No Kidding it wasn't built- that basically is where I live now (give or take a block and an avenue) and there isn't anything that architecturally interesting to be seen miles around. What could have been and was are always interesting to me.

Plus, I'm not sure if you can read the fine print right now but the rent for the 2 bedroom penthouse is $185 a month. That is correct, if you wanted to rent a penthouse in a new building in the area that I live in now you are starting at $3500 a month not including utilities- oh yes, and condo fees.

photo borrowed via Calgary Heritage Society

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