Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crop Circles, Google and Harry Potter

I am what I call an open minded skeptic; I consider all things though I don't always believe (Fox Mulder would be very upset with me). My sister gave me a documentary a few years ago called Star Dreams, it depicted the phenomenon behind crop circles and why the creators were so passionate about them believing them to have all sorts of mystic powers. It was well done and showcased some of the most intricate and stunning pieces of "natural" art I have ever seen. It created a lot of interest and curiosity for me in the subject, believer or not you have to admit that it takes some talent to create them.

This morning I went to my Google as I usually do, I was trying to find out an address for a place that sells good pie (or so I am told). I was intrigued to see that Google has a "Google Doodle"with a crop circles theme:

And I read the following post about it:
Google Crop Circles

Conspirators everywhere are vibrating in their chairs! What could it mean?? Why is the "L" missing?? What will next week bring!!

I personally am not really sure what to make of it and though I am have faith I could come up with some crazy conclusions of my own I am actually enjoying the fun that everyone else seems to having from it. I enjoy hearing about peoples creative ideas and what they believe in...

  • Here is an interesting blog Circular Evidence that supports the idea that there is something more to the crop circles then being pretty designs in farmers fields.
  • Here is a delightful article from The Skeptics Guide that writes recently about crop circle (and Harry Potter- WOOP WOOP!!!) art.

Regardless of what you believe stay opened minded to every aspect of life. As one very intelligent person once said to me:

"Stay open minded, but not so open that your mind falls out."


Rolley said...

HAHA how interesting.. especially the article about the stone. Stones have always had a remarkable affect on the psyche of humans, I wonder if that stone is in fact a lodestone, pretty cool really.

Speaking of crop art (hehe), have you ever seen the Naca Lines? Amazing really.. in the plateaus of Peru there's ancient drawings carved in to the ground, some individual drawings 200 metres high, the entire area of around 500kmsq!!! You can only make out their significance from the air (in a plane or something). Fascinating!! Search them on the net if you've never seen them.

amourissima said...

Yes, I have seen them and I totally agree- fascinating! (the Naca Lines)

There are some lovely things in this world of ours!