Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fire Story At The Office

Girl: "I want to to open this envelope but I don't have any steam to do that with"
Woman: "Put it in the Microwave"
Girl: "Good idea"
15 seconds later
Girl: "Fire!" and throws envelope in the garbage
2 or 3 minutes later

Woman #2: "There is smoke coming out of the kitchen."

Me: "What was happening?"

Woman #2: "Not sure, I just kept walking"

Me: "I'd better go to the kitchen!"
In Kitchen
Man: "I just got here"
Me: "I can't see anything- someone put the fire out"
-fire gets put out-
Me: "Holy!" Looks in garbage to see all this melted burnt stuff "What happened here?"
... the end.

This actually happened in my office just before lunch. Both the girl and the woman are intelligent, well educated women. The fun part is it smells like I've been camping.

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

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Yet said...

The stupidest thing? There's too many to think of the worst but, I think I might have slightly flooded my bathroom floor once!