Thursday, September 17, 2009

Survivor Night

So I guess I shamelessly admitted that I was a Big Brother 11 fan a few weeks ago- thank GOODNESS that is over because now I can finally get some stuff done around here! September is in full swing and new shows are coming up and good shows are coming on- with September comes Survivor. With Survivor comes the Survivor Office Pool- how the HECK do I get sucked into these things?? Huh?? I guess it's just because I am a sucker. Last week, the woman who puts this together for us every season (The wonderful and lovely Jessica) sent out the spreadsheet with all the contestants to pick from. The people we pick are the ones who we think will win- each person we pick is $10 each and at the end of the season the persons who "person" survived till the end gets all the coin.

This year, I want that person to be ME. I am all alone in this game for the first time ever, a few years ago I aligned (yes, alliances exist in office pools as well) with my old old breakfast buddy and we made way with a small fortune. This year- it's just me.

These are my picks:

Russell H.

Reason for picking him:

He scares me.

Mick Reason for picking him:

He's kind of cute and he is a resident anesthesiologist (dream job)

So here's hoping for a good season and maybe JUST maybe I might watch it this year. I haven't watched Survivor since Australia and that woman Tina won it... EEK! Nice enough woman, but enough to make me NEVER want to tan again- ever.

Do you watch Survivor?

Who do you think will win?

Is it just me or does Russell H. scare you too?

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