Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tomorrow is D-Day

D as in Dentist- EEK! I have an appointment at 9:30am tomorrow in the Calgary Tower. Why the heck is he in the Calgary Tower- he better not be up high with a glass floor, that would be totally inappropriate.

My new dentist... Dr.?? I forget his name- he works on my parents though and my mum SWEARS to me that he is gentle (two thumbs up to that!). It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't left it as long as I have. I floss twice a day, brush twice a day and all that jazz in between. I eat candy but that's OK... well my tummy says that's OK. I eat carrots too, and apples... yummy. And cookies but that has nothing to do with anything.

  • Truth: I haven't been to the dentist in a really long time
  • Truth: I don't want to tell you how long
  • Truth: I'm really worried that because I've left it so long that there might be problems
  • Truth: It's going to rain tomorrow
  • Truth: I'm worried that I might have a cavity
  • Truth: I've never had a cavity before (yes, I know- I sound like a 9 year old but whatever, I'm nervous!) so I don't know how to tell
  • Truth: My teeth do not hurt now so I don't want them to hurt later
  • Truth: Needles aren't scary to me so at least I have that going for me
  • Truth: The fluoride thing IS scary, there is nothing more degrading then sitting around with those Styrofoam trays in your mouth as you suck the spit out of your mouth with the mini hoover.

So yes, hopefully the last dentist I went to __ years ago was right about me NOT having wisdom teeth. Hopefully they don't find any problems and other then a bit of a reseeding gum line on one tooth (too much brushing) everything should be fine... ?

Wish me luck- PLEASE!

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Rolley said...

hehe, goooooood luck!!! fingers crossed! You'll be fine fine fine.