Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Think of me at 8pm tonight- why? because I'll be waiting outside the Kensington Pub for a man/woman in a black cape to take me on a ghost tour of the Kensington Area. A long time ago I went to school in that area of a city in a small historic building that focused on the arts. It's like the Juilliard of Calgary for the under 13 years of age. This small sandstone school was built in 1910 (which is old for Calgary) and is marked with a modest bell tower which of course lacks a bell.

I use to make up stories about how the school was haunted. Borrowing from an old Disney movie which was based on a book with the same title, The Watchers In The Woods I stated that there was a girl who had been killed by the falling bell and who's ghost now made the bell tower her home.

The structure of the steps to the tower are there however it no longer leads to the outside but to a small classroom designated for special lessons. When in the room you would first notice the large, lead paned that made up most of the south and north walls in the room. The West and East walls were covered in children's art with the exception of two small doors. I had always thought (and told anyone who would listen) that those door led to the real steps to the bell tower. To the ghost of St. John's school... I use to skip gym class with a few of my friends and sneak up to the room to try and make it through the doors. I can't remember why we never did, I'm assuming that it had something to do with being 10 year old chickens.

I'd laugh if the tour tonight included the story about the girl at St John's Fine Art School, I doubt it though. I am looking forward to hearing a bit of history about this part of the city and hopefully I'll get some good goose bumps out of it to put me in an early mood for Halloween.


Rolley said...

Rad, that'll be fun. : D
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valentine said...

i love ghost stories! and the bell tower story was very good.