Monday, September 14, 2009

Problem Solved

Say good bye to Duct Tape and toothpaste, this is the be all end all of DIY web sites:

Oh the glory of creative thinking and problem solving mixed in with a few beers for added benefit. My DIY usually involves a glue gun or better- a credit card (buy a new one).
What sort of creative fixes have you come up with in a bind?


Ryan said...

I have a bit of a reputation for engineering solutions out of coat hangers. It's such a versatile material, bendable yet firm, and always at hand.

Sometimes I even use them to hang my coat. That's just how *I* roll.

Pattie said...

lol I love this :D

One time when I was little I burnt the carpet, so I pulled the rug up a bit more to cover it

No one really seemed to notice until Yet spilled the beans everywhere (boo lol)