Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tie Me Up In Knots

It ain't pretty but it's mine. I made that... yes, THAT. I've been wanting to take up knitting and, well... I did. Friday Laura and I went out to the store with 4 things on the shopping list, knitting needles, yarn, yogurt and laundry detergent. I came home with all 4 plus more. Quickly putting everything away I sat down in front of the computer and logged onto YouTube. I searched for "Learning How To Knit" and watched a few tutorials. My goodness, I sat there for a good few hours trying to decipher the cryptic techniques- I had achieved "casting" but as for the "knitting" part I was lost. I kept ending up with a knot of knots...
I kept trying, and trying and trying and then everything got really clear. I knew what to do, or rather my fingers and thumbs did- pushing the needles in and out over and around I finally created my first knit stitch. It was kind of magical as images of scarfs, sweaters and slippers flew through my head.

I laid down 3 rows and went to bed, placing my knitting under my pillow with my book and cell phone. When I woke up the next day I quickly took it out to see what it looked like in the day light. It was messy but I was proud. I wondered if I still remembered or perhaps I had forgotten while dreaming.. I hadn't. My fingers, refreshed from the sleep flew through the movements with ease creating what you see above.

Sure, I dropped a few stitched here and there and yes, it was growing wider and wider and wider with every row. It wasn't perfect and that didn't matter for once! I unraveled it later on in the day and started over, it's much prettier but still had the strange issue of getting wider.

My intention is to keep working on it- unraveling and redoing over and over and over until I get the knack of it. My goal is to make a pair of slippers, I have an idea in my head of what I want so hopefully I can get to that point. I've enjoyed just knitting- somewhat meditative, Sitting in the morning sun and listening to John Denver- I really am my mothers daughter.

PS: I also want to make one of these! That comes later though unless my glue gun gets involved.

beard hats borrowed from Likecool.come


Rolley said...

WOHO!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! That is awesome, good on ya! Really!

Its fun hey!

Here's a site that has loads of videos, its a huge help. The navigation is a bit wanting but there's videos all over the place - the glossary as well as the videos page.


How awesome. You can get free patterns all over the web too which is great.

How exciting. You know that vest I'm making!? I'm gonna buy buttons for it this week, I'm pretty excited really, I've never bought buttons before! haha.

Have fun! Ask for help if you need any tips!


chandara said...

Cool!!! I remember someone trying to teach me how to knit. I think I only got as far as a scarf, which wasn't appealing to look at. LOL...
You have to post your finished project up... I'm excited to see the outcome. :)