Friday, September 4, 2009

ThinkGeek Gadget Guaranteed To Get You Fired

I was reading those my blog roll and my eyes came across a post that had ThinkGeek in the title (you may remember that store from a previous post I did about lunch cases)- instantly excited and foaming a bit at the mouth I plunged in to read about a wonderfully annoying little gadget.


Though, my intention wouldn't be to annoy anyone in my department because I love them all and really- you don't want the people in HR and Payroll going postal. A girls gotta keep her job and get paid these days! I could imagine placing it however in a well deserving person's office on another floor but really, this person isn't in their office enough to even notice. I can dream though of all the fun I might have with a toy like this. Imagine if the characters from The Office got their hands on it... Jim or worse- Michael (poor Toby)!

Between you and I, who would you inflict this little prank-a-roo onto if you could??

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Rolley said...

WOW! My heart is suddenly filled with a great leaping of joy and excitement!!! And regret! Alas I doubt I could find such an awesome gadget around here hehehe..

Seriously though, haha, I think that would be so hilarious, I would totally annoy every single person, ONE BY ONE in my office building, prank after prank, hours and hours of (me) laughing! hahahah!!!