Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Might Lurk On The Patio

The patio. It's a scary place right now. There is a spider web the size of Australia.. actually there are two so one is Australia and the other is New Zealand. Both very scary and both I am sure have some big ol' spider watching over them that, I'm sorry to say (call me shallow, call me narrow minded, call me ignorant- call me what you will!) I really don't want to meet.

Spiders are very scary to me I will avoid them at all cost. Check out this spider I found at my family's country house:

for real. This is a REAL spider. I found it September '07 on the fence post. I've never seen anything like it in my life- EVER! We don't have meaty spiders like this in Canada- or at the very least not in Alberta. The ones we have are usually fairly wispy with the exception of a Wolf Spider that lends its self to thicker legs but it never gets larger then the end of a pencil (the body that is.). THIS spider (said picture above) was almost 2 inches in diameter (!). After spending some time on Google I finally decided that it was a Araneus gemmoides (Cat Face or Jewel Spider) and 100% harmless.

And that is your spider lesson for the day. No need to thank me, it was truly my pleasure. Perhaps I'll share with you someday the 15 minute video of me trying to capture another spider that I had found in my condo. It truly is enlightening.

Photo credited to ME! Actually my mum because I was too scared to get that close even with the digital zoom.


Rolley said...

That spider is a work of art!! Amazing.. hehe. We have plenty of spiders here! HEY! And, I'll have you know that Australia is the largest island in the whole world! hehe. So. Spiders. Yep. We have lots of nasties in our sunburnt country.

They don't sit too well with me either.. take this for instance.. a few humid summers ago when the rains came, before we had any screens on our windows, 3 huge hunstmen spiders came inside.. spindly hairy things the size of my open palms.. Now, they're really quite shy and don't often bite, but that's not the point now is it! I wanted to squash them (out of pointless fear of course), my wife wanted 'me' to put them outside again... Yeah.. right! So in the end I had to chase them all over the walls with a broom to get them out the windows again.. far out, man. Nearly shit my pants ay. haha.

Then, the little spiders in the veggie garden are sweet and I let them crawl on me. See, its completely mental isn't it, how do we decide what spider we deem scary and what we deem lovely? (shudder).. heh.

Anonymous said...