Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stupid Yogi

I have a confession to make- I was a bad yogi last night. I know, not good, positive, zen like thought there but I'm just being honest. I'm owning my actions and taking responsibility for them.

I've been doing yoga for (wow- I've never thought of this... I've been doing it longer then I thought) almost 3 years. The main benefits I get from it are limber limbs, an appreciation for my body and a cute little bum. Because high heels are my foot wear of choice I have very short ham strings and haven't been able to touch my toes for years. I knew that if I didn't do something about it I would never be able to walk flat footed again (sort of like Barbie).

I am happy to say I can now touch my toes- Go ME!

Last night I had a "meet and greet" with my friend Rheann, she is getting married next year and has asked me to be one of her brides maids (little does she know, I've never been a bride or a brides maid- so hopefully I'm 3rd or 4th rank brides maid) so I got to meet the other ladies in calling. They were lovely and we had light, fluttery "ladies that lunch" conversation over munchies and Bellini's.

I usually don't like to eat before yoga but I do like to eat so I figured that a light soup and salad two hours before would be fine- and why not throw a few Bellini's into the mix as well!

Note To Self WARNING:
Bellini's before yoga is not recommended.

"Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines..."
I think that has to be the exact opposite of the definition of Bellini...

I wasn't anywhere close to being drunk or even buzzed when I got to the studio, just feeling a bit rushed. I centred myself as best as I could and started with my practice, lucky for me the class was much smaller then usual. Lucky for me because 5 minutes into it I was introduced to the most uncomfortable hour of my yoga life. Not only did I feel like I was going to loose every part of my insides but I was flopping all over the place like a heffalump in heat. My Tree Pose was more of a (giggling) Twig Blowing Over in a Breeze, my Warrior Poses were more like a montage of wimpy disco moves and my Upward Facing Dog felt more like an Up-Chuck Threatening Dog pose. Through out my final resting pose I was interrupted with the eruption of the repulsive after taste of garlic toast burps and I swore I would never, ever, EVER do something like that again.

Stupid Yogi... tisk-tisk *burp*
Heffalump borrowed from Dazzlerdesign

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Anonymous said...

I love yoga! I'm a much happier person when I do toga regularly.